Read the Bible Cover-to-Cover in Chronological Order – The Ultimate Program for Spiritual Growth!

Read the Bible – all of the Way Through – This Year! If you're looking for the most comprehensive chronological Bible reading program available, then look no further than This program is designed for both new and experienced Christians, whether you're a layman, a teacher, or a pastor. It not only provides you with a well-rounded view of Scripture, but also offers detailed analysis and insightful commentary on hundreds of Scripture texts, explaining God, His work, and how it relates to you.

Imagine reading the entire Bible in one year, as it happened, in chronological order – much like reading a novel. With this program, you'll have an extensive set of notes to help you understand the difficult parts of the Bible and bring to radiant beauty many of your favorite passages. The entire Bible has been put to dates – even up to the time of day for some passages. The notes are both theological and inspirational, so you'll learn and your heart will be moved as you read.

What sets this program apart from others is the attention to detail and historical accuracy. The author has spent over 40 years arranging and structuring the order of events in the Bible. Most chronological reading plans are general and not specific, but not this one. Each Scripture text – verse by verse – has been carefully considered to make sure that no single verse is in its wrong chronological setting. Even the Psalms and Proverbs have been placed in their historical settings, giving you a deeper understanding and appreciation of these beautiful books.

Not many Christians can claim to have read all the way through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in order, and in one year. But with this program, you can accomplish this meaningful feat and grow spiritually like never before. It's an accomplishment that God wants you to achieve, but Satan doesn't want you to do it. That's why determination and discipline are crucial, and you'll have to supply that. But the author of the program will supply the inspiration to keep you motivated and engaged throughout the year.

So why do you need this program? Because you will learn like never before and really understand the Bible. You will grow spiritually and establish a proper heart relationship with the Lord. It's one of the most meaningful accomplishments of the Christian life, and you can do it with determination, discipline, and inspiration.

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